Worship and tech team

The worship and tech ministry of GracePoint Church exists to bring glory to God by leading and edifying the Body of Christ into biblical and engaging worship. We accomplish this by ensuring that the songs and hymns we sing every week are theologically sound and engages the culture of GracePoint and St. Charles Parish.

Worship team

We encourage people to use their God-given talents to bring God glory and to create art in response to our Creator God. We are currently in search for musicians of all sorts. If you can sing or play an instrument (Be that a guitar, piano, bass, drums, or any other string or wind instrument), let us know!  If you are interested in joining the Worship Ministry of GracePoint Church, email us at worship@gracepointnow.com.

tech team

The Tech Ministry seeks to serve our congregation and those involved in our Sunday services. We do this by creating and keeping an environment that aids our goal of making the message of Jesus Christ crystal clear. If you are interested in joining GracePoint's Tech Ministry, please email us at worship@gracepointnow.com.